CLEVELAND – Today, Cleveland Mayor Frank G. Jackson announces his endorsement for Kevin J. Kelley as the next mayor of the City of Cleveland.

“I have worked with Kevin for more than 20 years and during this time, he has made hard decisions. Those decisions weren’t always in his own political interest, but they were the right decisions for the people of Cleveland,” said Mayor Jackson. “His decisions have helped position Cleveland for the future and are motivated by the need to continue to make our neighborhoods stronger and safer. I am confident that, as Mayor, Kevin Kelley will continue to lead with integrity and put the best interests of Clevelanders first.”

Kelley, who has represented the residents of Ward 13 on Cleveland City Council since 2005, became President of Council in 2014. During his tenure, he has worked with the Jackson Administration to pass balanced budgets, invest in economic development projects and programs to create jobs, authorize funding for improvements to police recruiting and staffing, and keep rates for Cleveland Water low.

“I am honored by Mayor Jackson’s endorsement. He has served this city with integrity and is a true public servant,” Kelley said. “He has laid a strong foundation on which we can build a more prosperous and more equitable Cleveland.”

Mayor Jackson, who is retiring after more than 30 years in public office, pointed not only to Kelley’s depth of knowledge about the city’s budget, regulations, and services but his commitment to the city and its people.

“Kevin is a true Clevelander. He grew up here, overcoming the loss of his father and the family home to foreclosure,” said Mayor Jackson. “When he was a social worker, he worked in Cleveland’s neighborhoods, helping people through their crises. The bottom line is that Kevin Kelley is someone who understands Cleveland and knows what it will take to help every neighborhood reach its full potential.”

Kelley and his wife, Beth, are raising five daughters in the City’s Old Brooklyn neighborhood.


For more information about Kevin J. Kelley’s position on supporting working families, ending the digital divide, educating and training residents for careers, and ensuring every neighborhood is healthy, strong and safe, visit and follow @kevinkelleyCLE on Twitter.