CLEVELAND (August 10, 2021) – In an effort to create and retain significant local employment opportunities, Cleveland Mayoral candidate Kevin J. Kelley today revealed his comprehensive Cleveland Jobs Now plan. Devised to address some of the key factors of Cleveland’s economic crisis and the challenges facing neighborhoods, the program will leverage federal funding from the American Recovery Program Act to seize the moment and create a local jobs market for residents across the city.

“We have a great opportunity to invest in the future of Cleveland on many fronts and creating jobs for our residents is one of my top priorities,” said Kevin Kelley. “My Cleveland Jobs Now plan is an intentional and bold way to make sure that we connect unemployed citizens with good-paying jobs that help improve our neighborhoods.”

Kelley’s Cleveland Jobs Now plan will propel Cleveland forward and provide thousands of jobs to those who need them the most. The vision includes training and putting community members in roles to improve and enhance parks, green spaces and playgrounds, public art, storefronts, clean energy, and residential safety projects, and more.

Cleveland Jobs Now includes and will address the following components:

Apprenticeships: Every ward will have apprenticeships attached to community projects and will lead to permanent employment. Furthermore, every major City of Cleveland building or public works project will have a mandatory apprenticeship element, so that every public works project will lead to permanent employment for the apprentices who work on them.
City-wide Impact: There will be no “winners and losers” among our wards and neighborhoods because each ward is guaranteed to be included in the plan.
Community Involvement: Because government works best when it listens to the people it serves, every ward will have a public/community input process for selecting projects.
Partnerships: We will work collaboratively with local non-profits, labor unions, businesses, and the faith community to help identify potential workers, projects, training opportunities, and collaborative efforts.
Funding: Because it is specifically designed to help Cleveland recover economically from the pandemic, the plan is eligible for American Recovery Program Act funding, in addition to supplemental funding from the City of Cleveland and foundations.
Job Training Programs: We will work collaboratively with existing job training and placement programs to increase efficiency, optimize productivity, and avoid overlap and duplication.
Public Art: We will look to sponsor neighborhood art projects, employing both established and aspiring local artists to help beautify our city.
National Model: We will benchmark our progress with cities across the country. This way, we can ensure that we are in leading the nation for change.

To view the comprehensive Cleveland Jobs Now plan, please visit:


For more information about Kevin J. Kelley’s position on supporting working families, ending the digital divide, educating and training residents for careers that pay well enough to support their families and ensuring every neighborhood is healthy, strong and safe, visit and follow @kevinkelleyCLE on Twitter.