Kelley focuses on public safety, creating jobs and ensuring that every neighborhood counts.

CLEVELAND, OH – April 8, 2021 – Kevin J. Kelley, currently President of Cleveland City Council, today announced his campaign for Mayor of the City of Cleveland. Kelley, who has served Ward 13 on Cleveland City Council since 2005, offers both deep knowledge of the City’s finances and operations and a great passion for helping Clevelanders overcome challenges, rooted in his days as a social worker.

“This is the most important Mayoral election of our lifetime,” said Kelley. “We are coming out of a pandemic that has afflicted thousands of Clevelanders, taken more than 400 Clevelanders’ lives, left countless unemployed, and caused a deep recession – our second in just over 10 years. Navigating these challenges requires not only big ideas, but the knowledge, experience, and commitment to put those ideas to work. That is what I offer Cleveland.”

Kelley launched his mayoral campaign after spending several weeks hosting a virtual neighborhood listening tour to meet and talk with residents in each of Cleveland’s 17 wards. Overwhelmingly, residents were clear: Cleveland’s next Mayor must be someone who will improve public safety for everyone in Cleveland, who will make sure that every neighborhood receives high quality city services, and someone who has a strategy to rebuild the economy with good-paying jobs.

Kelley, who lives in Old Brooklyn with his wife Elizabeth and their five daughters, personally understands many of the challenges that too many Clevelanders face today – the impact unemployment has on a family, the need for food assistance, the loss of a loved one – and how these affect your health and wellbeing. These experiences while growing up helped inform Kelley’s career of public service and shape the type of leader he will be as Mayor.

“We will come out of this recession better than we went into it. Every person in every neighborhood will count and be a part of our recovery,” said Kelley. “We will do this by investing in our people and leveraging the assets that already exist. We will do this by ending the digital divide, by educating and training residents for careers that pay well enough to support their families; and by ensuring every neighborhood is healthy, strong and safe.”

As Mayor, Kelley will draw on his experience developing and advocating for projects that transformed Ward 13 and creating opportunities to transform the health and wellbeing of residents across the city.

This work included, but is not limited to:

  • Investing in free high-speed internet access in Ward 13
  • Attracting new small businesses to Ward 13’s retail corridors
  • Investing $8 million in the reconstruction of Pearl Road
  • Supporting major improvements to parks and recreation facilities
  • Tripling the budget to improve residential streets citywide
  • Collaborating with his colleagues, the Jackson Administration, nonprofits, and foundations to adopt legislation and create programs to address systemic issues like Racism as a Public Health Crisis, infant mortality, Lead Safe Living, and more.

“I look forward to meeting with as many residents as possible over the next several months – to share my vision for Cleveland’s future and to earn their support,” said Kelley. “Because together, I know that we can forge a new path and build a greater Cleveland.”


For more about Kevin Kelley, his vision for Cleveland and to keep up with his campaign, visit and follow @kevinkelleyCLE on Twitter.