CLEVELAND – In the wake of his primary election success on Tuesday, Kevin Kelley is building momentum for his campaign to become Cleveland’s next mayor and receiving key endorsements. Today, Ward 6 Council Member Blaine Griffin announced his support for Kevin Kelley for Mayor of Cleveland. Griffin cites Kelley’s proven leadership, ability to build coalitions, and focus on investing in the people and neighborhoods of Cleveland as some of the reasons he is endorsing Kelley to be the next chief executive for the City of Cleveland.

“Kevin and I have worked on the most complex and vexing issues that this City has ever faced – issues like lead poisoning, violent crime and infant mortality; issues like wealth creation, community development, and housing stability. Kevin and I, quite frankly, know how to get stuff done,” said Griffin. “The reason I’m supporting Kevin is that we have too many important issues going on in the neighborhoods of Cleveland and we need someone with the experience, the vision and most of all the passion to tackle these challenges. So today, I’m proud to support Kevin Kelley for Mayor of the City of Cleveland.”

Prior to getting elected to serve on Cleveland City Council, Griffin served as the Executive Director of the Community Relations Board for the City of Cleveland for more than 11 years, giving him a unique perspective on the dynamics and needs of neighborhoods across the City of Cleveland.

“When you serve as a council member, like Blaine and I have, you get to learn the real needs of our neighborhoods and the real concerns of the people who live here. You know what is needed to address the challenges, how to bring real investment, and how to make real change happen,” said Kelley. “That’s why Blaine’s endorsement is so important to me. He knows what it takes to get stuff done. He believes I have what it takes to serve as Mayor and do the job well for the people of Cleveland.”

Together, Kelley and Griffin have worked with CMHA and the Department of Housing and Urban Development to attract the federal funding necessary to redevelop Woodhill Estates; worked with the Ward 6 community and developers to create 121 Larchmere; built a comprehensive public-private partnership to address lead poisoning of Cleveland’s children; and advance efforts to address Racism as a Public Health Crisis.

Today’s endorsement is the first of several upcoming announcements of support for Kevin Kelley for Mayor of Cleveland.

In addition to Council Member Griffin, Kelley has received the endorsement of:

  • Council Member Brian Mooney
  • Dan and Dona Brady
  • Mayor Frank G. Jackson
  • Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Michael O’Malley
  • Cuyahoga County Council Member Yvonne Conwell
  • Cleveland City Council Member Kevin Conwell
  • The Association of Cleveland Firefighters IAFF Local 93
  • Plumbers Union Local 55
  • Pipefitters Local Union 120
  • Cleveland Building & Construction Trades Council and their affiliated unions:
    • Boilermakers Local 744
    • Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers Local 5
    • Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers Local 16
    • Carpenters Local 373
    • Carpenters Local 435
    • Cement Masons Local 404
    • Electrical Workers Local 38
    • Electrical Workers Local 673
    • Elevator Constructors Local 17
    • Glaziers Local 181
    • Heat & Frost Insulators Local 3
    • Iron Workers Local 17
    • Laborers Local 245
    • Laborers Local 310
    • Millwright Pile Driver Local 1090
    • Plasterers Local 526 (formerly Plasterers Local 31)
    • Roofers & Waterproofers Local 44
    • Sheet Metal Workers Local 33
    • Sign, Display & Allied Trades Local 639
    • Teamsters Local 407
    • Teamsters Local 436
    • Tile Layers Local 36


For more information about Kevin J. Kelley’s Cleveland Jobs Now plan and position on supporting working families, ending the digital divide, educating and training residents for careers that pay well enough to support their families and ensuring every neighborhood is healthy, strong and safe, visit and follow @kevinkelleyCLE on Twitter.